2023 Research from Tilburg University

Here’s a selection of papers published in 2023 by some of the researchers from Tilburg University, Constitutionalizing in the Anthropocene.

Nairita Roy Chaudhuri, ‘Book review: The Climate of History in a Planetary Age by Dipesh Chakrabarty’ (2023) Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law 32(1) 166-169

Lars Dorren & Eva Wolf, ‘How evidence-based policymaking helps and hinders policy conflict’ (2023) Policy & Politics 51(3) 486-507

Floor Fleurke and others, ‘Constitutionalizing in the Anthropocene’ (2023) Journal of Human Rights and the Environment, forthcoming

Michael Leach, ‘Seeking “Systems” in Earth System Law: Boundaries, identity, and purpose in an emerging field’ (2023) Earth System Governance 15, 100162

Phillip Paiement, ‘Reimagining the energy corporation: Milieudefensie and others v Royal Dutch Shell Plc.’ in D Dam-de Jong & F Amtenbrink (eds) Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2021: A Greener International Law—International Legal Responses to the Global Environmental Crisis (TMC Asser Press, 2023) 281-299

Marie Petersmann, When Environmental Protection and Human Rights Collide (Cambridge UP, 2023)

Han Somsen, ‘Regulating Nature and the Rule of Law’ in PD Burdon & J Martel (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Law and the Anthropocene (Routledge 2023)

Sophie Starrenburg, ‘The Genealogy of “Universality” in Cultural Heritage Law’ in A Strecker & J Powderly (eds) Heritage Destruction, Human Rights and International Law (Brill 2023)

Arie Trouwborst and others, ‘Conservation Translocations and the Law’ in MJ Gaywood and others (eds), Conservation Translocations (Cambridge UP, 2023)