Maastricht University


Feb 02 - 03 2023


12:00 - 15:00

External Financial Governance: Solidarity and Externalisation of Migration Control through EU Funding

This two-day interdisciplinary workshop incorporating insights from political science, law, public policy, international relations, and political geography, explores the theoretical and normative underpinnings of governing migration through funding; provides unique empirical insights into the administration modes of EU funding; and assesses the adequacy of oversight and accountability mechanisms, as well as the impact of these practices on the protection of refugee, fundamental rights, and the rule of law.

The hybrid workshop is co-convened by Dr. Lilian Tsourdi (Assistant Professor/NWO Hestia Principal Investigator) and Nasrat Sayed (Researcher/NWO Hestia Laureate) in UM Campus Brussels in the framework of their NWO Hestia grant. You can participate online or physically in Brussels.