Tilburg Universiteit


Jan 25 2024


09:30 - 17:00

Protest under Pressure

Tilburg Law School and the Legal Mobilization Platform host a one-day conference in January 2024 to discuss “Protest under Pressure” with interested activists, legal practitioners, and academics.

In recent years, policing and prosecution tactics have dramatically impacted activists and members of social movements working on issues such as environmental and climate justice, racial justice, LGBTQI+ rights, migrant rights, indigenous rights, and anti-apartheid campaigns. The increasing risks of violence, detention and surveillance faced by these communities raise fundamental concerns about the constitutional space for legitimate political speech and action, including civil disobedience. This conference aims to provide a forum for discussing the challenges that these communities face, as well as strategies – legal, political and organizational – for confronting this crackdown. We also seek to understand the impacts that these repressive actions have on public forums of political speech and action and democratic institutions.