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Dec 16 - 17 2024


09:00 - 17:00

Re-imagining Law for Sustainable Globalization: Navigating Uncertainty in a Globalized Era

TEGL conference

The Globalization and Law Network invites you to the TEGL Annual Conference. The conference is aimed at scholars, practitioners, and experts wanting to contribute to an engaging exploration of the intricate relationship between law and uncertainty. In an era marked by unprecedented global challenges—from social and humanitarian crises to climate emergencies—the conference seeks to transcend traditional views of law solely as a mitigator of uncertainty. Instead, we aim to explore the diverse conditions under which law can enable or create uncertainties.  

The conference encourages submissions that scrutinize the nuanced interactions between law and uncertainty in the context of contemporary planetary crises. Embracing an interdisciplinary perspective, we invite papers and panels from any legal area, embracing multiple approaches. Theoretical and methodological discussions are welcomed, challenging conventional liberal conceptualizations of law. Empirical work showcasing the impact of uncertainty and globalization on social orders is particularly encouraged. 

The conference focuses on the four TEGL research streams: 1) Constitutionalism and Subjects of Globalization; 2) Economic Law and Globalization’s Infrastructures; 3) Courts, Science and Legitimacy; 4) National and Regional Institutions as Global Actors.  It, therefore, welcomes submissions on a wide variety of topics.