Jun 05 2024


15:30 - 17:00

Lighter, Slower, Smaller, Better – the economics of degrowth

Dr Timothée Parrique is an economist and currently a researcher at the School of Economics and Management of Lund University. We look forward to his online lecture on 5 June exploring his research on degrowth.

Dr Parrique’s research explores several topics within the broad theme of the political economy of degrowth. Engaged in the “Postgrowth welfare systems” project at Lund University, his main research focuses on the question of public finances and degrowth, and more broadly on monetary and fiscal reforms from a postcapitalist perspective in the case of France. Timothée also works on empirical decoupling studies to better understand the relation between economic growth and ecological overshoot, especially at the level of the European Union. His research also includes more conceptual explorations aiming to better theorize the concept of degrowth and post-growth.