The TEGL Sectorplan makes available a total of 31,000 euros in conference contribution funds. Proposals for making use of such funds can be submitted on a rolling basis. To make sure as many initiatives as possible can meaningfully profit from such contribution, a cap of 4,000 euros per event is set. In exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to deviate from this limit. In any event, an extent of co-financing by your own institutions is a prerequisite.

Colleagues from at least two partner universities can submit proposals for collaborative workshops of conferences on themes connected to the Sectorplan research focus. The proposals will be evaluated on the basis of their:

  • contribution to academic excellence
  • the relevance of the theme for TEGL, how the event is connected to and cuts across faculties’ specific research themes
  • the genuine effort to engage as many members of the TEGL community as possible
  • their potential to connect with stakeholders outside academia (valorisation)
  • their inclusiveness (in terms of gender, backgrounds and seniority)

Please send a short description (300-500 words) of the proposed event, theme(s) and approach(es), a list of (envisaged) speakers and a realistic budget including a short motivation of how you have calculated the specified amounts. Please explain the ways in which your proposal contributes to the Sectorplan, and how it involves (or has the potential of involving) researchers from the TEGL community. TEGL events should be representative in terms of gender, backgrounds and seniority.

Funding from the Sectorplan will (help) cover actual expenses – travelling and accommodation costs for speakers, rental of premises or, when appropriate, technical equipment. Personnel costs and administrative overhead should be covered by the concerned Faculties and are not eligible for financing under this call. The acquisition of external services (e.g. IT support) can be reimbursed when the applicants can show that it is absolutely necessary in light of the specific set-up of the envisaged event.

Proposals should be sent to Ivana Isailović and will be assessed jointly by the research leaders from the participating faculties or their designated representatives.