Sensing Practices & Representations of More-than-human Worlds

19-20 May 2022

Jointly organized by:

Dr. Marie Petersmann (Tilburg University)

Dr. Andrea Leiter (University of Amsterdam)


This conference is the culmination of a series of events on ‘Theory Hacks’ that took place over 2021 to facilitate discussions between legal researchers specialized in the environmental and digital humanities and tech-developers who participated in a Hackathon organized by the Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) Foundation on ‘Enabling Nature’s Autonomous Value Inside City Parks and Public Green Spaces’. The collaboration between researchers and tech-developers aimed to jointly interrogate and explore how emerging technologies can enable making sense of human-nonhuman relations and the data-based or digital ‘representations’ of nonhumans or ‘nature’ that underpin such relations. How can the entangled human-nonhuman agency generated through the technologies be legally expressed, translated or ‘represented’? What does this tell us about the legal concepts and tools used to make sense of human-nonhuman relations? Might emerging technologies enable nonhumans to ‘participate’ in the political and legal decisions affecting them, and if so, how? By creating an open process of collaborative knowledge production, the overall objective of the conference is to reflect on the possibilities and limitations that the ‘representation’ of nonhumans as part of more-than-human worlds open up and foreclose.

The prototypes developed during the SNI Hackathon will be exhibited during the conference for participants to engage with them.


Prof. Isabel Feichtner (University of Würzburg)

Dr. Geoff Gordon (TMC Asser Institute)

Dr. Jannice Käll (Lund University)

Dr. Dimitri Van den Meerssche (Edinburgh University)

Dr. Matilda Arvidsson (Gothenburg University)

Dr. John Haskell (Manchester University)

Dr. Delphine Dogot (Université Catholique de Lille)

Dr. Daniela Gandorfer (UC Santa Cruz)

Dr. Swastee Ranjan (Exeter University)

Impact NFTs (Dr. Primavera de Filippi)

Sādu (Brittany Salas and Elise Cannon)

Interspecies Games (Cem Dagdelen)

Sattva (Shivaram K. R. and Jayavaradhan Sambedu)

Nature Cognita (Vadim Smakhtin and Pavel Akimov)