When the cat’s away… the birds will pay?

11 December 2021

Cats kill birds, that much is clear. However, these birds enjoy legal protection and according to some lawyers, this means that the number of feral cats should be managed and that domestic cats should be kept indoors. What exactly does European environmental law prescribe and does the cat have any legal protection in this matter?

Confirmed speakers:

Prof. dr. Han Somsen LL.M. (Professor of European Law at Tilburg University)

Dr. Arie Trouwborst LL.M. (Associate professor of Environmental Law at Tilburg University)

Dr. Sander Kole LL.M. (Assistant professor in Administrative and Environmental Law at Open University)

Organized by the Dutch Association for Animal Rights Law (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Dierenrecht)

Chaired by Dr. Janneke Vink LL.M. (Assistant professor of Legal Philosophy and Animal Law at Open University)

Subscribe here (the meeting is in Dutch): https://verenigingdierenrecht.nl/themabijeenkomst-katten-versus-vogels/. Attendance is free, yet registration is required. 

When? 11 December 13:00-16:30 hr

Where? Grand Cafe Utopie, Waldeck Pyrmontkade 116, Den Haag

In case the event cannot take place live, a Teams-link will be provided